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Yaya Por Vida's Overtown Community Holiday Giveaway Drive is a HUGE SUCCESS!

Adopt a friend and Lotus House's Overtown Community Holiday Giveaway drives went off without a hitch! We wish we had more images this time but we promise we were investing the time and putting in all the work that needed to be done. We were able to give to 51 houseless friends and reported 4 more saves - thats 8 so far since we started doing this in September!. A special thanks to Florida Opiate's Narcan storm who trained new folks on Narcan, distributed 69 Narcan kits, 69 survival care kits, tons of clothing, and a food donation from Latin American Grill. We want to be like Lotus House when we grow up! Close to 300 community residents attended and 500 toys were given away (complete with hot plates, grocery food items, Christmas cookies and toiletry kits).

We want to thank all of our wonderful

volunteers, supporters and donors for dedicating your weekend to our city. Let’s shout out our volunteers and collaborators loud and proud!!!

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