My sister, Yaritza Rollan (better known as Yaya ) dedicated her entire life to the arts. She tattooed, painted, drew, created murals, and even got into Cosmetology. She began participating in local gallery events right out of high school, got herself into tattoo apprenticing all on her own, and paved her own path to what would have been a bright future in the art world. Sadly, she immediately met and became influenced by the darker figures of this profession and began a slow decline into opiate addiction. Nevertheless, she always held on tight to her art, still tattooed, and still worked hard to stay on the path of her dreams regardless of her struggles. Sadly, the ten year battle with drug addiction claimed her life on December 28, 2019. That was the day another shining light in an otherwise grim world ceased to shimmer. 

Her struggle was not in vain from where I see it. In the aftermath of her passing, I learned how much she inspired those around her, especially at Reaves House (click here to learn more). In her worst moments (whether of her own accord or not) she always found a way to get clean again. Reaves house might have been her last stop on this earth but it is certainly only one of many stops in her new journey across the universe. Reeves House is a non-profit, women's only community treatment center in the heart of Miami with over 50 years of passionate work in trying to get our girls off the streets and back to living healthy lifestyles:

Yamila Rollan Escalona, Founder  

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Thanks to our Sponsors and Partners, Yaya Por Vida will continue to work with the community to seek healing from substance use disorder. Please contact us for more information about becoming a supporter.