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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

As we bring Q1 of 2021 to a close, we would love to share what Yaya Por Vida Foundation has accomplished so far to continue to help those in our community suffering from substance use disorder.

In January, we began our very first pilot art program with Jessie Trice Jefferson Reaves House Rehabilitation Center for Women with local artist Javier Cuarezma. Every month, the women learn different techniques using color pencil as a medium while using art as a tool for healing. We started with a group of 8 interested students and are now close to 20 as the benefits of healing have been sharing amongst participants across the home. In March, we added a Creative Writing session led by Marine Biologist and Literary Publisher Susana Ramirez from Save The Sharks. Each student is not only placing their thoughts onto paper while learning about the Ocean, but they are also preparing for the Taylor Scholarship sponsored by The Gabbie Scheffer Foundation. This scholarship is open to those in recovery from substance use or their family members. This Scholarship will pay for a full ride to any vocational, trade, or local University of their choice for new or continued education. In March we have recently secured a partnership with Yoga4Change, a trauma-based non-profit Yoga studio working with Prisons, Shelters, and Rehabilitation facilities across Florida. Our women from Reaves House will be part of a 16 week Yoga course that will focus on their unique recovery needs.

As of February, we have expanded our street outreach efforts to a second location in Overtown. We are now covering NW17TH St and 7th ave as well as NW 11th st and 5th ave every last Saturday of the month. Our Narcan distribution has allowed our houseless folks to save 13 lives from opioid overdoses between January and February. If you care to donate or join us for our drive this Saturday, March 27th from 9 am-12 pm or Saturday, April 24th from 9 am-12 pm please respond to this email! We are now on Amazon Smile! If you are an avid Amazon shopper, we kindly ask for you to visit, add Yaya Por Vida Foundation to your preferred charity list and bookmark to your browser or app. With every qualified purchase you make, Yaya Por Vida will receive .5% of each total purchase from Amazon. Here are more ways you may donate:

• Visit our new Charity Amazon Wish List -

• Cashapp $YayaporVidaMIA

• Visit our website at

• Donate through Facebook or Instagram’s donate buttons in our profiles (Yaya Por Vida Foundation on FB, @yaya_por_vida on IG)

This February, Yaya Por Vida received its very first grant on behalf of Charity Service Centers of America. We were also approved by their Impact Deposits program on receiving 1% charitable donations from their bank account partners quarterly! We have recently acquired operational grants from Google Ads and Canva. Grants and donations help us grow our art programs across other non-profit rehab facilities around the county, street outreach, and help anyone from any socio-economic background seek proper recovery. We have recently become Florida Department of Children and Families Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Lead for all Recovery Community Organizations in the State of Florida. Our leadership along with Latino Recovery Advocates and Miami Recovery Project will provide the proper training, strategies, and resources across all organizations across the state to become Culturally Compliant. Regardless of Language, Race, Economic Background, Ethnicity, Special Ability, Gender, Religion Sexual Orientation -------your recovery will be tailored to your unique needs with no judgment.

Our very first Art Gallery event is coming soon! Please join us virtually or in person Saturday, May 8th from 3 pm - 7 pm at Archive 79 Miami! For more information on event, location, artists, and ticket purchase please visit:

Thanks again to all of my wonderful colleagues, family, friends, sponsor, and partners for providing so much love, support, and encouragement as we continue to grow. As always, please reach out to us directly if you or a loved one needs help. Your information will be purely confidential.

See you next quarter!

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