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The Struggle

I wake up to a brand new day, Yet battling the same demons I struggle to keep at bay!

My brain in ripped in two, Each side telling me opposite things to do.

So overpowering, the urge, the desire and the need, 24/7, my brain reminds me to feed.

My family and my friends, I never meant any harm. Succumbing to its evil charm.

The angel who sits upon my right, Whispers it’s not over, we must continue to fight.

A tumultuous battle, at what a cost. Deep within a voice of reason reminds me, all is not lost.

The path to recovery will be the hardest of all, Is today the day I answer the call.

I struggle every moment but yet I move toward my goal bit by bit. And why do I do this, because I am worth it! Father of Nicholas Jordan Di Marco

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