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The Central Intake Unit is the entry point for adults seeking evaluation, referral, and substance use treatment placement. Referrals are received from Police, Corrections and Rehabilitation Department, Community-Based organizations, 11th Circuit Court, the State Attorney's Office, family members, and walk-ins. Individuals are evaluated to determine the appropriate level of care and placement in outpatient or inpatient treatment.

For more information, call or visit:

Central Intake Unit
3140 NW 76th Street
Miami, FL 33147

Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital provides a full continuum of mental health care for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. They offer individual, couples, family, and group therapies. Whether inpatient or outpatient, from treatment through discharge, all services are delivered in a structured, supportive, and safe environment. If you are ready to take the step into seeking recovery, Jackson Behavioral Health offers screening, assessment, detox and aid with both inpatient or outpatient services. 

For more information, call or visit:

Jackson Behavioral Health
1695 NW 9TH Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

If you are in substance use or mental health crisis and need immediate medical or mental care, please call or visit the following:  (Both 24/7)

Miami Dade Mobile Response Team 305-774-3616

Banyan Health Systems Walk In Centralized Receiving Facility (connects with all substance use and mental health services in Miami Dade County)

3850 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33134


The New Direction Residential Treatment program utilizes a broad range of therapeutic approaches to assist participants in gaining insight, developing coping skills, and the stability necessary to maintain a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. The program serves about 3,200 people every year. 

For more information, call or visit:
Central Intake Unit
3140 NW 76 Street
Miami, FL 33147

Specialized Transitional Opportunity Program (STOP) for the homeless

STOP is a six-month program that assists people who are homeless or at risk for homelessness.

The program stabilizes the individual, addresses substance use and high-risk behaviors, provides relapse prevention skills, and medical, psychological, and psychiatric services.

Intensive case management is provided to secure access to health insurance, employment, and stable housing.

For more information, call or visit:

Central Intake Unit
3140 NW 76 Street
Miami, FL 33147

Residential services provide a structured, home-like, non-hospital setting with supervision on a twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week basis. Residential treatment ranges from Residential Level I to Residential Level IV. Residential Level I provides the most intensive treatment, support, and supervision. Whereas, Level IV only provides supportive services in as needed basis. Our system’s most sought out residential treatment service is Level II. Residential Level II facilities treat persons who have significant deficits in independent living skills and need extensive support and supervision. Admission to Level II usually follows acute care or long-term hospitalization. A less restrictive level of residential treatment traditionally follows a successful transition from Residential Level II.

For more information call or visit:

Thriving Mind South Florida

7205 NW 19th Street
Suite # 200
Miami, Florida 33126

Consumer Hotline:1-888-248-3111

Hotline Hours Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM

2020 Consumer and Family Resource Manual Miami and Monroe


The Intensive Day/Night Program residential treatment program is designed to provide substance use treatment services to women who have been court-ordered or determined to be high-risk for criminal behavior as a result of their addiction.

Treatment services included with the STOP and Day/Night Programs:

For more information, call 786-878-6480


DATP provides comprehensive, evidence-based, outpatient substance use treatment to individuals diagnosed with substance use disorders referred by the criminal justice system as an alternative to jail time. All services are provided on a sliding fee scale.

Outpatient treatment is offered at three locations:

Coconut Grove Community Resource Center 
3750 S. Dixie Highway 
Miami, FL 33133 

Miami Dade College North Campus 
3190 NW 116th Street 
Miami, FL 33167 

Florida City Community Resource Center 
1600 NW 6th Court 
Florida City, FL 33034

To make an appointment for admission into the program, call 305-758-9662.



Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Program

The corrections-based DUI Program provides treatment services that include individual and group counseling, substance use educational sessions, case management and other support services to sentenced offenders.

Participants must be Miami-Dade County residents and receive a court-ordered referral for counseling. Upon release, participants are provided with a referral for aftercare services.Treatment is provided at:

Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation
Pre-Trail Detention Center
1321 NW 13th Street
Miami, FL 33125

For more information, call 786-479-7093.

Panthers for Recovery Flyer
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Todo el mundo necesita ayuda numeros de soporte flyer
Miami Recovery Project Meeting Schedule Flyer
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Grupo de Apoyo Flyer Para Familias y Personas afectadas por condiciones de use de sustancias
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The 4 other Trans-led agencies are Arianna's Center, Transinclusive Group, The McKenzie Project, and Bridging the Gap. I believe the Trans Collaborative Network is also Trans-led but I'm unsure. We are currently piloting our rural Trans health program in Bay County, and folks can get in touch with us through TransSOCIAL's Play Safe Miami We can only accept low-income clients at the moment, so we have to screen each applicant.

Chow Logo

CHOW group discussions are open to all – chef, servers, bussers, bartenders, owners, suppliers, farmers, writers, dishwashers, and industry veterans.  Virtual meetings can be accessed from any location, please be aware of the time zones listed.


Cada semana el día Martes. Las reuniones son organizadas por LARA. Lara es una Organización sin fines de lucro que promueve soluciones en salud mental y adicción, organizando comunidades con la información para crear recursos en Español sobre salud mental y adicción. Creando conciencia en la cultura sobre la importancia de romper con el estigma y otras barreras que impiden a la persona buscar ayuda.


With the premise of providing new syringes in exchange for used ones, the IDEA Exchange envisions health equity with a mission in increasing access to the tools necessary to keep people healthy, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Operating within the University of Miami, the IDEA Exchange is the only syringe exchange in the state of Florida. Besides its primary function of providing new syringes in exchange for used ones, the IDEA Exchange hosts many auxiliary harm reduction services to reduce the spread of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other blood-borne diseases.

For more information please visit:

1636 NW 7th Ave,
Miami, FL, 33136

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am-4pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 12-6pm
Saturday: 8am- 11am

IDEA EXCHANGE Logo and link

Enroll for Medically Assisted Treatment at the Following Community Centers:

Banyan Community Health Center – Little Havana Campus
3850 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33134
(305) 774-3300
(please call ahead for details)

Borinquen Health Care Center
3000 Biscayne Blvd. Miami FL 33137
5th Floor
(305) 576-6611

(please call ahead for details)

Using Alone? Please Use the following hotlines:

Never use Alone info flyer
 Nunca Use Solo informacion flyer



We will be participating in a monthly care kit drop-off on the last Saturday of every month. This will not be your typical care kit although essentials such as food, water, and hygiene supplies will be part of the kit. Our goal is to reduce harm in a situation where one of our housless brothers and sisters are suffering from substance use. We want to keep them safe just as we would want to keep our family safe. These kits will include wound care, COVID19 protection, resources for substance abuse treatment, and clean needle exchange programs (amongst other local need-based resources), condoms, and Narcan. We will not just drop off supplies. Our housless population is highly marginalized and discriminated against. They need our support, motivation, and attention. We will get to know them, listen to their stories, and share time with them when others will not. Narcan training, overdose awareness, harm reduction training, treatment advocacy, and substance abuse disorder education will be provided. Our end goal is to facilitate treatment at no cost and permanent housing.


It takes a village to help our youth, our elders, and our community as a whole. We are always looking to cross-collaborate with other non-profits that are similar in nature to the work we provide our community as well as organizations that believe in our mission. We are more than happy to spread your message too! The bigger the network becomes, the more awareness will be spread to those who need it most (form for this).


Are you a local business that strongly believes in harm reduction, community outreach, and overdose awareness? Do you want a better future for our community with less judgment, more resources, and manageable substance abuse disorder? Awareness gallery events, care package drops for the less fortunate and workshops depend on your support! We have a rewarding sponsorship program in place that will draw attention to your business while your business gives back! Please click here to request further info. 

*DISCLAIMER: We are not clinical therapists and only provide an outlet of expression to spread awareness and demonstrate to our youth that the art world does not need to go hand in hand with drug use. We are not a client referral program for rehabs of any kind. Resources listed are low to no cost.

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